He Redeems Your Life From Destruction


He Redeems Your Life From Destruction


He redeems your life from destruction. How many of you have had a close brush with injury… by accident, illness? I dare say we all have.

How many have MISSED a close brush with injury? Have you ever gotten delayed leaving the house? Misplaced keys, forget your phone? After you leave the house you pass an accident on the route to your destination. You just missed a close brush.

When we miss a close call, it’s because we are redeemed from destruction. We’re not just rescued. When you are rescued, you never know if it’s just the one time, often fear makes us concerned that it may happen again. When you’re redeemed, the enemy has relinquished his power to harm you.

No more close calls. No more near misses. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! No more mishaps… we are redeemed.