1. We believe in the God of the Bible.

2. We believe the God of the Bible to be of a triune nature-Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. We believe the Holy Bible to be the infallible word of God, written by Holy men of God as they were moved upon, or inspired by the Holy Spirit of the Living God.

4. We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ; that He is the Son of the Living God.

5. We believe in the virgin birth, earthly life, death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

6. We believe that the remission of the sins of all men can be found only in the blood atonement of Jesus.

7. We believe in salvation by faith, not works.

8. We believe eternal life is a gift of God.

9. We believe the Holy Spirit indwells all believers at the point of salvation.

10. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ baptizes all believers in the Holy Ghost and fire if they ask in faith.

11. We believe the evidence of the baptism in the Holy Ghost to be the gift of speaking unknown tongues.

12. We believe in and adhere to the sacraments of water baptism unto repentance from dead works, communion (the Lord’s Supper), laying on of hands for impartation of spiritual gifts, the prayer of faith for the sick, and foot-washing as an act of mutual submission and service to one another.

13. We believe in church government and submission to the authority of the five-fold ministry gifts for our maturity as Christians.

14. We believe all Christians have the mandate to preach the gospel to every creature, lay hands on the sick and cast out devils, as well as speak in new tongues.

15. We believe in the bodily resurrection of all dead, the just to eternal reward, the unjust to eternal damnation, and a literal heaven and hell.

16. We believe in the rapture of the church, and the millennial reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, with His saints here on earth.