Don’t Stone Me Because I Preach Good


Don’t Stone Me Because I Preach Good


Jesus is in the temple teaching the people about Himself. All scripture points to the Messiah as the answer to mankind’s needs. The religious leaders listen to His every word and get angry.

How can this be? One group listens and is hungry for more. Another group wants to stone Jesus. What gives?
The religious want to kill Jesus for envy. As carnal minded men, they have no desire for truth, which Jesus preaches. They are angry that they can’t control Him, as He obeys His Father only. They want what He has: attention, large crowds, fame.

If your ministry is defined only in terms of numbers, size, and attention, you need to trade it in and ask God to reveal truth to you. It is truth that frees people from sin. Truth allows repentance to come into our hearts. Truth overcomes the devil’s lies.

If Jesus lives in you, then truth is all you need. Your preaching may anger some people, but boy, you’re in good company.