It’s Coming to You From a Place Called Glory


It’s Coming to You From a Place Called Glory


The realm of glory is a perfect place. There are no defects, problems or worldly problems in glory. God runs it and owns it. He dispenses our blessings from that realm. Great mercy flows from glory. That’s why God stores what we desire there.

When we ask God for what we want, we may envision something we have seen on earth, but what He gives us is far better.

For instance, we may desire a car. The one we are driving has served us well, but it’s time. We start looking and finally decide on a vehicle. When we get it, it’s not just factory issue. This one is different. It has a deluxe package on it we didn’t ask for … a sun roof we didn’t ask for. Bose speakers, heated steering wheel. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask for all that … but God knows your heart and provided them. That’s glory! It’s the detail shop for our prayers. We ask, God supplies … exceeding abundantly above what we ask or think.