The Anointing Is For Touching


The Anointing Is For Touching


Jesus heals a leper by touching him. You don’t touch lepers. That disease is highly contagious. Gehazi found that out by taking gifts from Naaman. Lepers had to announce “unclean” when they were out among people. What a stigma attached to the disease.

So why is Jesus touching this leper? Couldn’t he just command the leprosy away?


But that’s not what’s called for here. The anointing allows us to touch people and they be healed. Imagine being rejected, pushed aside and ignored because of illness. What you need as much as healing is love and acceptance. The anointing upon Jesus conveyed that message to the leper. This man was not only cleansed, he was restored back into society, accepted in the sight of God and man. When God heals, He does a thorough job.