The Persuasive Spirit of Faith


The Persuasive Spirit of Faith


Abraham went from believing God to being fully persuaded that God would give him what He promised! Abram believed God would give him a son. God considered his faith the same as righteousness. God said, “Abram is alright with me.” That’s righteousness. But Abram thought God needed help giving him a son, so his wife persuades him to impregnate her maid.

It is possible to believe God, but persuade yourself how to get what God promised. That doesn’t disqualify you from the promise.

Later God approached Abraham again and tells him he is going to watch over him and his wife Sarah and persuade them that He is able to perform what he promised. God changed both their names, increasing them and empowering them to be fully persuaded of this. Their faith went from the helping God kind of faith to total trust that God needs no help from man.

Let your faith grow til it persuades you that God will do what He promised without fail and without your help.