All You Need Is “Go See” Faith


All You Need Is “Go See” Faith


In the midst of a famine, four lepers sit outside the gate of Samaria. They decide not to remain where they are. They have faith to make a change. I call it “let’s go see” faith. They reason that if they stay where they are they will die of starvation. If they go into the enemy camp, they may die, but they must move. That’s faith, also.

Faith is that prompting to make a change for the better: floating your resume, checking one more website, making one more phone call. It may be risky, but it’s worth it. We’re not sure where the answer is, we just know it’s not where we are. The lepers found that by following their desire to move, they were led to treasure beyond belief and they found it before the rest of the town did. The inclination to make a change may be God leading you into an unbelievable blessing.

Just enough faith to “go and see” can turn your life or a whole city around.