The Dove Always Brings Signs of Life


The Dove Always Brings Signs of Life


Noah feels that the flood may have subsided. He first sends a raven to see if his suspicions are confirmed. The raven never returns. He next sends a dove. The dove returns with no signs of life. After another seven days, he sends the dove again, who returns that evening with an olive branch in its beak and Noah knows the flood has abated. After another seven days he again sends the dove who never returns.

Two months later it came to pass: God tells Noah to exit the ark with his family and all the animals he has brought. If we consider that the dove represents the Holy Spirit, then we know that Noah could only get truth confirmed through the dove. The raven, being an unclean bird, could not confirm the truth… he went his own way.

What do you need confirmed? Be careful who you ask.

The Holy Spirit will confirm God’s will, which is always life giving. Do you suspect your healing is imminent? He will confirm it. A job promotion? Ask Him about it. If He gives you His olive branch of peace, then know, as Noah did, that he’s on firm, dry ground. The test is over. Get the family together (the pets, too). It’s time to rejoice! The Spirit of Truth has brought you an olive branch. That’s all the evidence you need that God has done it.

And it came to pass.