You’ve Never Been Cared for Like God Cares for You


You’ve Never Been Cared for Like God Cares for You


God promised Israel a land flowing with milk and honey. Houses they didn’t build, vineyards they didn’t plant. Why? He wants life to be easy for His people. This is something we must learn. It’s sometimes a tough lesson… we’re so used to being in control.

He told His people that this land wasn’t like what they knew in Egypt. They had to pump water to the crops, pull weeds… in God’s promised land, He watches over their field from the beginning of the year til the end. When the crops need water, God sends rain.

Without fail. All man has to do is to cast our cares upon Him.

Today was rainy, but I had errands to do. It seemed to rain harder the longer I was out, but I determined to get things done. The rain became a distraction to me. When I got inside the store I tried to remember what I needed. I looked down into my cart and saw a celery leaf in it and remembered celery. I thanked the Lord for reminding me. I began to remember all the things on my list. When I checked out, I couldn’t locate my keys. I began to thank God for showing me where they were. I parked my cart and began to retrace my steps in the store. In produce I realized I had forgotten the celery. I picked it up and continued retracing my steps. No keys. I paid for the celery and left the store. I walked to my car, and the keys were on the ground at the driver door. Nobody saw them, picked them up or stole my car. God kept them there for me. I thanked Him over again for caring for my every need. With signs, wonders and miracles.

He cares for you, beloved, let Him show you how much.