The Healing Gene 🧬


The Healing Gene 🧬


We have a brand new genetic code in our bodies. You received it when you were born again. You are infused with the zoe life of God. You have God life inside of you. That life is superior to and of a higher quality than the natural life. You have eternal life genes inside you. You have Godly DNA and a new heredity. That new genetic code includes a healing gene. It’s already there… you don’t have to ask for it. You were healed when you are born again. You were declared healed. “Well, Barb, why am I sick?”

You’re not. The healing gene says otherwise. Who will win this conflict?

Your natural man or your spirit?

Since God heals from inside out, you may appear frail, weak or infirm but your genes say you’re healed. Listen to your genes. God is at work producing health and wholeness. Let the God life take over.