Fear Slams the Door to Opportunity


Fear Slams the Door to Opportunity


Fear has bondage. It locks one up into a box and leaves a guard outside. Fear limits our opportunities to advance, prosper and have a good life. Before Christ, we were all shut up in the bondage of fear.

Then one day Jesus knocked on the door of our hearts and we let Him in and we were free. But fear is lurking just around the corner. You read in the word that you are healed…fear sits on your shoulder with a million questions. Pretty soon, through fear, you decide it can’t happen for you… your situation is hopeless. It’s been that way for such a long time… it’s not that bad. God gave you an opportunity to choose health, but you let fear put you back in the box.

Now an angry spirit guards the door and fights off any attempt you make to reach out for your healing. People ask how you’re doing and you bite their heads off! LOL You’re a hot mess. All because of fear.

How do we escape this box? Persistence. Your spirit is fearless and wants you to have what GOD has promised. Stay in the Word. God hasn’t given us fear, so resist it and grab on to the Word! You are healed and fear is a liar!

Confess the word aloud and watch fear run in terror! Take your freedom back!