God Puts a “Hurry Up” on His Word


God Puts a “Hurry Up” on His Word


God asks the prophet what he sees after He speaks a word to him.

The prophet reports what he sees and God tells him, “you see what I see, so I will hasten my word to perform it.” Every discipline has a word for, “immediately.” In medicine it’s “stat”; in music, “allegro.” Rapid pace communicates urgency, importance, priority.

When we see as God sees, there is excitement in our hearts for what we envision. We begin to make plans and expect the fulfillment of the vision. God Himself sets a watch over that word to perform it. He watches to make sure we get it.


To keep your adversary from stealing it. He rebukes the devourer. He reveals the devil’s strategy against the word. He tells you to fast and get in His presence more. He helps you keep your expectation strong and He makes His strength available to you. He pulls while you declare. He hides you under His feathers. At the end of the day, He has shown you His salvation … again.

The Awesome God has put a hurry up on His word. I’m expecting… how about you?