Jesus Is the Good Part


Jesus Is the Good Part


How much attention do we give to Jesus? Most of us will admit: not enough. We do our best, but like Martha, we are bothered by many things: job, family, future, friends, recreation. There is an endless list of things that cut into our time with the Master.

Can we, like Mary, stop in the middle of entertaining, serving and man pleasing and listen to His kind and wise voice? Do we know as Mary did, that it’s worth every bit of persecution from her sister to sit at His feet and just listen? Are we aware of the good part that cannot be taken from us?

Jesus gives us much more than we can use for ourselves. He gives us an overflowing life that provides protection, shade and shelter for those around us. Mary was captivated by His words of truth. They have the same power now. What we learn from the Master is eternal truth. It will prosper us through this life and beyond.

Choose the good part continually. Daily sit at His feet and receive what will never be taken from you.