Your Faith Is YOUR Evidence


Your Faith Is YOUR Evidence


Faith is a spiritual force that is detectable. When you put your faith in something, there is a confidence in what you believe. It’s really almost impossible to ignore, neglect, or shake off the evidence.

When we believe God, we take on that inner confidence that is evidence of our faith in Him. Faith can be said to be a spiritual receipt or deposit on what we hope for. In due season, the rest of it appears. We carry the seed of our promise inside. Just as an expectant mother’s baby is not evident before it is born, she has evidence within herself that she is expecting; it causes her to get proper nutrition, rest, prenatal care. It is part of her personal responsibility to nurture the seed. So it is with our faith. It is our personal responsibility to hold on to our receipt as valuable. We will cash it in in due time.

Doubters will always question your faith. They watch to see if you really get what you say you’re believing God for. They will never have your faith evidence because it’s not for them… it’s for you only. Don’t waste your time trying to convince anybody of what God has for you or what He has called you to do.

When the blessing comes, God will show them that your faith is real.