Before We Do Anything Else, Let’s Turn On the Lights


Before We Do Anything Else, Let’s Turn On the Lights


God creates with light. He is the Father of lights. The first thing God did in the Genesis account of creation was turn on the lights: He created daylight and separated it from darkness, which He called night. He liked what He did and called it good. That made a day, so He called it a day.

But He wasn’t finished with the light show.

On day 4 He placed lights all over the sky (stars) for signs… to point man in the right direction and guide him when he loses his way. He made days and years and seasons, all of which are still here. These give new purpose and meaning to the light. It’s called perfecting His creation.

Like an artist with His canvas, God placed everything in the universe exactly the way He wanted it. He brought order into chaos.

Sound familiar?

When He found each of us, He gave us Light in the person of His Son Jesus, the Light of the world and brought order to our chaotic lives… and He’s not finished with us. He has begun a good work in us and will complete it. He likes what He’s doing in us, and that’s good.