God Moves Faster Than Warp Speed


God Moves Faster Than Warp Speed


It won’t be long now… God’s decree.

God longs to show Himself strong on our behalf. That means you and I can stop sweating everything and start expecting God to do what He says. Your answer can come at anytime… so act like it. Prepare and anticipate good. Anticipate the desire of your heart. You know you want it… so expect it!

The devil likes to make us ashamed of our expectancy. When you thank God for your spouse, promotion or anything you really want, he comes along, smacks your hands and tells you you can’t have it. He’s gonna say that anyway because he’s a thief. Thieves take and want you to go along with it. They want everything for themselves!

God always says “yes.” Calvary proves it. Your needs are paid for well in advance. Nothing left to do but shout about it and expect it. Go buy your wedding dress. Clean out the garage… a new car is coming. Get your business cards made and start leaving them everywhere. Sow seed and expect a harvest!

It won’t be long now…