God’s Instant Reward System


God’s Instant Reward System

SCRIPTURE: Philippians 4:6-7

God isn’t slow in responding to us. Unlike the world’s system, His Kingdom system rewards and encourages its citizens. When we experience lack of any kind, God invites us into His presence for the royal treatment. He says ask anything in His will and He grants it. He gives us His peace as a reward for trusting Him with our needs. Imagine we get rewarded for asking! And it’s immediate. It’s as though God wants us in a continual state of blessed contentment… undisturbed.

The god of this world is just the opposite. He stresses, belittles, grieves and causes worry. If the devil had his way, he would withhold reward forever. Ever notice that in the world, people are almost dead before they get overdue recognition or encouragement. Hall of fame, Medal of freedom, often are conferred upon the grey headed. Many worthy applicants get passed over and are consoled with the knowledge that they were great anyway, but never recognized.

AAAH! What a relief to know the God who rewards us instantly!