He Does All Things Well… Even His Birthday


He Does All Things Well… Even His Birthday


I often wonder what Jesus thinks about some of our celebrations. Let’s take birthdays for example. Actually, I don’t think people know exactly what to do in celebrating the day of their birth. The examples run the gamut: from drunk and disorderly to depressed and crying to putting all one’s family and friends on edge, announcing a month in advance that it’s coming so everyone you tell can plan to make it unforgettable for you. High hopes and disappointment can mark the day. Some stretch celebration out for a whole month!

I have a feeling Jesus did His differently. Perhaps he went about His usual routine: prayer, service, fellowship, study, being a son, brother, carpenter. I bet He gave thanks to the Father for another day closer to His purpose of saving the world.

Hey, don’t let me spoil your big day, but in all your excitement and celebrating, remember Him.