Follow the Evidence


Follow the Evidence


I love a good cop show, detective drama… what my niece Rachel used to call “bad people” when she was small. True crime stories are the best. They document exactly how crime solving works. Over and over detectives say, “we follow the evidence, wherever it leads.” They don’t follow their guesses, opinions or public opinion, but evidence. The more evidence they have the more likely they are to identify a suspect. It’s a good day when they solve a crime… but it must be based on evidence.

So how do we locate and possess God’s promises? We follow our faith evidence.

Your faith will lead you to exactly what God has promised. Have faith in God and follow the evidence. Don’t be distracted by doubt and fear. Forget what your natural man wants to focus on. You’re tracking down something that is unseen.

Be like a bloodhound. When you’re on the scent of faith, follow it. It will not fail you.