What Is the Theme of Your Life?


What Is the Theme of Your Life?


A theme is a recurring idea. In literature it is a plot that a story is centered around. Often a theme of one’s life centers around being a victim or overcomer.

Victims often have recurring thoughts of hurt, abuse, pain. They fantasize about getting even, showing others that they are important, too. They often live to see the day when those who hurt them get what’s coming to them.

Enough, already.

If you’re blood bought, Jesus has a new theme for you: LOVE.

Love is an overcoming force. Love forgives, is patient, kind and seeks no ill against anybody. Not even your haters. Love believes the best of everyone all the time and doesn’t get tired of loving. In fact, love loves to love, and has no time to plot revenge. It’s too busy loving.

Love gives you a reason to get up every morning and anticipate good things all day long. Love won’t fail. It’s a great theme for our lives.