Righteousness Speaks


Righteousness Speaks


Words have impact in the spirit realm and can affect natural happenings. Fear speaks, doubt speaks. All spiritual forces have a voice. When righteousness is in your heart it speaks about faith in God.

Righteousness has the impact of Godliness when it speaks. It verbalizes confidence in God and love for Him. It declares God’s victory, lordship and glory. When you believe God, you become right with Him and you can’t help but speak about it. There’s an automatic “go tell” in everyone who believes in God.

I remember back in the 90’s Christians in the country music business were criticized by some Christians for collaborating with unsaved people instead of telling them about CHRIST. The Christian musicians defended themselves and said they were “silent witnesses.” No such animal. They were compromisers.

Witnesses testify. We talk about His goodness and love. Righteousness has a voice. When Jesus is in your heart, He wants you to let Him meet your friends. Don’t be ashamed of the one who died for you.

The Lord has spoken. Who can help but prophesy?