The Favored Guest…


The Favored Guest…


Jesus has gathered His disciples together for what we in the church world refer to the “love feast,” a ceremony marked by foot washing and covenant meal. Jesus washes all the disciples feet as an example of how they should serve one another. This cleansing is a heart cleansing where the one washed repents and loves the brethren.

But one of them is not clean.

Judas’ heart is not right toward Jesus and the Lord tells him so by offering him the sop, a piece of bread dipped in gravy or sauce which was given to the honored guest. Though Jesus knows Judas will soon betray Him, he honors him by giving him his best! The Lord’s hands are clean because His betrayer is not slighted but honored.

God’s great love triumphs over Satan. Love never fails. Remember that when you are betrayed or deeply hurt. Forgive and love and triumph over the devil.