When You Do This, Remember Me and I’ll Be There


When You Do This, Remember Me and I’ll Be There


Resurrection day.

The city of Jerusalem is buzzing with reports of Jesus death, but also some people claim He’s is alive. There have been sightings of Jesus. Confusion dominates the atmosphere.

Two men are going to a town called Emmaus and, as they walk, a stranger joins them entering their conversation. This stranger asks why they are sad. They tell him that their hope is gone. Jesus is dead. They also say it’s reported that He’s alive.

The stranger upbraids them for their unbelief and expounds the scripture regarding Jesus.

They almost part ways, but the two men ask the stranger to stay for dinner. As bread is broken they recognize the stranger as Jesus. They get a revelation of the Lord through the breaking of bread. It happened just as He said it would.

Don’t ever take communion lightly. Jesus reveals Himself in His resurrection life and power when we eat the bread and drink the cup. He is very present there. Let Him make a deposit of His life in you during communion.