… All Who Quarrel With You Shall Vanish Into Nothing …


… All Who Quarrel With You Shall Vanish Into Nothing …


God is so good. He defends us from every adversary. He refers to us as the apple of His eye. The pupil of the eye is referred to as the apple. If someone tried to poke you in the eye, your hand springs up in protection to block them… it’s an immediate reflex reaction. God just as swiftly moves to shield and protect us from every adversary. Whether it be sickness, poverty, lust, theft, mocking, lying and backbiting tongues, He makes them go “poof” and they are no more.

Hannah was childless and was provoked and made fun of by her husband’s other wife who bore him children. After laboring in prayer at the altar she promised God that if He gave her a child she would give him back to God. She conceived and bore Samuel the dean of the first school of the prophets. Hannah eventually has six children in all and the other wife? Poof! She’s never mentioned again.

It’s like that when you love God. He loves you and fights for you.