The Strength of Faith


The Strength of Faith


Faith produces action. It can’t help it. Whenever I read this chapter on the accomplishments of those who went before us, I marvel at all they accomplished. Words like: obtained, built, offered, subdued, obeyed, received strength, blessed, refused, condemned, survived and so on.

It appears that faith is made for adversity. It really is all we need to meet every situation that life will bring. Yet there are secrets surrounding faith and how to put it to use. The secrets are revealed in God’s word by His Spirit… available to all.

When God draws you to your Bible, He is actually saying, “Come over and grab this DUNAMIS… you’re about to cause an explosion in the spirit, and the fallout will be a blessing.”

I like that. We have breakthrough and break out power ready to be released. Let your faith challenge the kingdoms of this world. Release your faith! Let the blessings explode! 💥