… But There Was Light in Goshen


… But There Was Light in Goshen


The land of Goshen was an area in Egypt given to Joseph where he and later his descendants would live. When God ordered their release, Pharaoh refused. God plaged Egypt except for Goshen. Every plague fell on the entire land of Egypt but Goshen was spared.

I was reminded recently of a Goshen miracle God granted our ministry during the blackout of 2003. On the first night of our conference the power went out. We were in the hotel ballroom and prayed by candlelight and called the hotel Goshen. Around 3 am we felt the central air come on. There was light in the corridor. We had power throughout the hotel but when we ventured out on the streets there was no light anywhere else. It was then we learned a grid was out darkening a large area of the country and Canada.

The hotel workers refused to leave. We were the only building we knew that had power. They kept saying “ those Christians prayed and we have power. God is real.” Always bring God’s word to Him. You have a blood enforced covenant. Believe for the impossible. Shalom.