By Faith Abraham Set Out for a Place He Did Not Know


By Faith Abraham Set Out for a Place He Did Not Know


Faith is the way to the unknown destination. But we know what we’re asking for, don’t we? God tells us to ask what we will. That is true. We know what we’re asking for, but the how and when remain a mystery. The journey is the part God never tells us, nor does He always give us details. If He disclosed all that, we wouldn’t need Abraham’s faith to obtain the promises.

Often if we knew exactly what God was doing in our lives we would refuse, complain, or become disinterested. Samson seemed to be bored with his faith walk from the beginning of his ministry. He didn’t want to marry the Hebrew girls, or fight the Philistines. He preferred to toy with the enemy because he lived by sight and indulged his flesh with what his eyes beheld. It was only after his eyes were put out that he trusted God.

Thank God we walk by faith. Faith spares us the trouble of becoming entangled with the world. Through faith we overcome.