Even Your Flaws Are an Asset


Even Your Flaws Are an Asset


David is running from King Saul. But he is not alone. Other men begin to gather themselves to him. “Great”, you say, but this is not a winning group… by a long shot. Everybody has a complaint: in debt, distressed, combative. They have one thing in common: they hate the King and refuse to fight for him any longer. A leader who is going somewhere would never have picked this group.

Sounds like most of us when we first came to Christ… unhappy, flawed, burdened… not fun to be around. But just like David’s unlovable bunch, we become transformed into a mighty army! God touches and teaches us. A complainer becomes an Intercessor. Our nosiness becomes boldness and God uses us to win souls. Poverty teaches us to care about the poor.

Don’t hate your flaws.

BTW David’s disgruntled bunch became Israel’s mighty men of war.

Submit to God… flaws and all. God knows what He’s doing. Shalom.