God Has Given Us a Wonderful Gift: NEWNESS


God Has Given Us a Wonderful Gift: NEWNESS


“Look!” He says, “I’m doing a new thing…”

Many of us waited for 2020 to end assuming things will automatically change for the better with the new year. Nothing changes without God’s guidance. A new beginning, a fresh start has the fragrance of promise, hope and opportunity.

Paul practiced forgetting what was behind and pressed on to the new day. He accomplished much for God. He approached each day under a new mercy… blessed of God.

Philip Rivers, now retired NFL QB was asked what the key to his success was. Embroidered on his cap was the phrase NUNC COEPI Latin for “now we begin.” After each play, good or bad, he saw a new beginning, a new opportunity to excel. Past failures weren’t able to plague him, because he saw each play as having a new life and a new chance for success.

I think this is better than waiting for the new year to somehow make things better. Each day gives us a new beginning if we will look to God to lead us. NUNC COEPI.