It’s Not What You See, but What You Notice


It’s Not What You See, but What You Notice


Moses sent 12 spies into the land of promise. God had already told them about the land. It was an excellent place to live. They were sent to CONFIRM what God said and possess it.

They saw what God said was there but they NOTICED the size of the people. Huge clusters of grapes, hills and valleys, but man, did you see the size of that guy! Yeah, yeah, it flows with milk and honey, but that giant!

God is not a tempter. He would never reveal something to you and not give you the power to possess it. I hear people say that a word they receive is confirmation of what God told them, but often don’t move any closer to attaining what He promised. We need to take heed to God’s word and own it. Meditate on it and embrace it.

Be determined to have what He says is yours. You can eat the giants for breakfast!