How Active Is God in Your Life?


How Active Is God in Your Life?


This chapter is a turning point in Abram’s life. God introduces Himself as El Shaddai. We usually translate this as “more than enough,” but it is also translated as the God who has His hand in everything! What a concept.

God now has His hand in every aspect of Abram’s life: health, reproduction, wealth, longevity, marriage. You name it, God will direct it. It was at this point that Abram becomes Abraham… Sarai becomes Sarah. A definite upgrade.

Abraham and Sarah’s aging reverses itself and Isaac is born to them. No shenanigans. Circumcision is instituted, giving God access to watch over them more closely, keep them perfect before Him and “meddle” in every area of their lives. Abraham becomes strong in faith, giving God glory. When God controls every area of your life the miraculous is an every day happening.

Let El Shaddai into your business. Your miracle awaits you!