One Generation Will Praise Your Works to Another


One Generation Will Praise Your Works to Another


The richness of God’s works is too good to keep to yourself. The works of God must be praised. Did you hear me? They MUST be praised.

As adults, we are expected to role model, be examples and teach the younger generation. Young people expect us to have answers, especially in the natural realm. They have no problem asking for help with school, job, career, but don’t neglect the supernatural of God. They need to pray with you, read the Bible and expect God to respond to their needs. When the old and the young drink the same spiritual drink and eat the same bread from heaven, the glory increases!

Imagine your seed as spiritual power houses. It will happen if you will have a family testimony party. Don’t be ashamed to share the glory of God with the younger generation. They are thirsty for the knowledge of God!