Therefore, Settle It in Your Hearts…


Therefore, Settle It in Your Hearts…


Jesus warns His disciples (that’s us) to get our hearts settled. In this example He admonished them to get it settled beforehand that they would trust the Holy Spirit to advise them when they are persecuted. We also must settle in our hearts to trust Him in all things. Things as basic as our identity must be settled inside.

I love to watch dancers and skaters. I imagine myself in a chorus line or gliding across the ice. (Don’t judge me). Then I Holy-Ghost-slap myself back into reality and realize who I am. I can say I’m “only a preacher” or I can say I’m empowered to invite souls to eternal life. I have to settle it in my heart who I am and what my purpose is and govern myself accordingly. Many never settle in their identity.

Are you still a failure at everything or a success story in motion?

Are you an ambassador of the Kingdom of God or different ministry gift office every year?

Performers get to reinvent themselves. Our identity is decided from the foundation of the world. Get out of your vain imagination and settle it in your heart, child of God. Ask God to reveal to you who you are and love that person. Therein will be your peace and your reward.