Are You a Receiver?


Are You a Receiver?


Paul states that the Philippian church was the only one that communicated with him concerning giving AND receiving. Most often we stress giving. We omit receiving which is equally important. If we don’t expect to receive, we will soon run out of resources to give. God desires that we participate in this spiritual cycle of giving AND receiving.

Luke 6:38 lets us know that our giving is attached to a bountiful return. The measure we get back exceeds that which we gave. We suffer lack at times when we fail to expect a return… on everything we give. If you take clothes or household items to Goodwill, expect like items to come to you. Be ready to receive them. Not your taste? Think of someone you can give it to. More will come again. This time it will fit you perfectly and be just your style.

Don’t refuse to receive. God gives grace to do both. Learn to be a conduit; a faithful steward… someone God can bless to be a blessing. You will never experience lack if you learn to receive. Shalom.