Are You in Contempt of Court?


Are You in Contempt of Court?


The Bible is referred to as the book of the law. We are commanded to obey God’s laws and are blessed when we do obey.

What about disobedience?

Under natural law, a person who refuses to obey the rules of the court is considered to be in contempt and can be fined or jailed until he complies with the law. In other words, one’s freedom and well being depends on obedience to the law. Well, if natural law can restrict freedom and blessings, spiritual law can as well. To obey is better than sacrifice. God doesn’t delight in withholding blessings, but He is bound by His law.

God’s desire is to bless us, but His goal is to change us in the process. Submit to God, love His law obey Him and reap the benefits.