Death by Strange Fire


Death by Strange Fire


Nadab and Abihu were sons of Aaron the high priest. God set the fire on the altar from heaven, and the priests were to keep the fire fed, and use the fire from the altar in their censers. Instead, they lit their own, strange fire in their incense burners and it consumed them.

I can think of so many such similar situations among God’s people. Saints who were once zealous and eager to pray, witness, pass out tracts and give become sporadic in their church attendance, allowing the zeal for God to lift and dissipate. Ministers leave the ministry because they allow dissatisfaction to put out their God supplied fire. They begin to offer to God that which He did not supply… lukewarm worship, strange fire.

Don’t settle for this. Repent and ask God to rekindle the flame your heart. He will not accept a substitute from you. Be aflame with His Spirit.