You’re Worth Just as Much as the Cool People


You’re Worth Just as Much as the Cool People


You ever wonder how God looks at our service? I know how I look at it. I often find myself comparing myself to other ministers… the cool ones on TV. Mega church, miracle ministry, bible characters. I mostly feel my efforts pale compared to theirs. Then I read that God has a different view.

In this parable He tells of a landowner who hired laborers for his vineyard. He hired them at different times of the day and paid them all the SAME wage. The first group labored much longer than the last who were hired late because they said no man would hire them, though they had been available all day.

So much of what we experience depends on the obedience of others. Gifted and qualified people even in God’s kingdom are often overlooked while others are promoted because they fit a popular profile. But God is the final judge and rewards according to the counsel of His will.

He works it out for our good. Hallelujah!