Old Wounds Cause Present Pain


Old Wounds Cause Present Pain


Jesus has the remedy. His anointing binds up our broken hearts and heals our wounds. Pain is tied to memory. That’s how we protect ourselves. We remember what caused us pain so we can avoid it. Over a period of time, one’s world can get pretty small; avoiding pain can be a full time job. That’s where the anointing is vitally needed.

Jesus heals present and past pain because they are related. Memory of feeling ties them together. Your new boss reminds you of a mean teacher you once had. You immediately dislike and try to avoid him. He wonders why you seem cold and aloof. This person is the key to you success, yet you don’t like him and don’t appreciate him.

You need the anointing to come in and bind up the present wound and heal the old heart pain. You are an overcomer, even of past pain. God is in the restoration business.

Remember: you are a project worth working on.