That Voice Crying in the Wilderness Still Speaks


That Voice Crying in the Wilderness Still Speaks


The wilderness is a place where the living can be rough. In Israel it was desert, hot, barren often. Yet, two of the greatest prophets, Jesus and John the Baptist spent much time there. John lived a very spartan life, eating wild locusts and honey.

Not many are drawn to such a place, but John sought God and gathered disciples there; Jesus often went there to pray and be alone with God. The wilderness is where Jesus fasted and was tempted and defeated Satan. John was the voice crying in the wilderness and people went out to hear his message. It appears the first New Testament congregation found the messenger, the messenger did not come looking for them. There were no gimmicks, sinner friendly sermons, just a cry for repentance.

That voice is still calling sinners to repent. We simply echo the message. When we echo the original call people repent and accept Christ. Any other message won’t do the job. There’s only one gospel. They will come to Christ if we will be that voice.