We Serve a God Who Is Bigger Than Our Moods


We Serve a God Who Is Bigger Than Our Moods


God reveals Himself to Moses for the first time. Talk about nervous! Well, so were we when we first thought about God dealing with us. We weren’t good enough, we thought, and what about our bad habits? We wanted to run an hide, just like Moses. Insecurity and fear dominated our mood.

Believe it or not, many times in our walk with God, a negative mood will attempt to dominate our behavior. We think we will never be able to get it right and may even walk away from a great opportunity, letting fear rob us of success. But guess what? God is bigger than our negative mood. By the power of faith, CHRIST strengthens us to do everything …even things we fear and dislike.

My mother expected me to cook dinner when I was a teen. I fumed the whole time. Then gradually the impossible happened. The resentment left and I began to enjoy cooking and do to this day. Don’t let a bad mood rob you any longer. You don’t have to quit. Just go forward in faith and trust God to work through your spirit and cause you to do the impossible.

All things ARE possible with God.