God Reveals Who You Are to Those He Chooses


God Reveals Who You Are to Those He Chooses


I have a saying when someone reports that they have been treated unfairly. I tell them, “Well, they just don’t know who you are.” I say it light heartedly, but it’s true. If they knew who you were they would treat you better. But how do others know that we are precious, chosen by God and ambassadors for Christ?

The Holy Spirit must reveal His glory in you. If He chooses to keep your identity hidden, it is for a reason. Jesus was hidden until Herod died. David was a shepherd until nobody would defend the nation of Israel against their enemy. It’s not your job to prove your value to anybody. If they are worthy, God will show them the treasure hidden in your clay pot.

Until then, be content in knowing that God knows you and that’s all that really matters.