You Are the Miracle


You Are the Miracle


Israel has disobeyed God. They are worshipping the gods of their enemies. Poverty, oppression, frustration are now their daily bread. An angel of the Most High God appears to Gideon of the tribe of Manasseh and tells him God is with him.

Gideon replies, “if God is with us, why are we oppressed by the Midianites … where are the miracles that God performed in the past?”

The angel says, “that’s where you come in.” We all want miracles but we don’t want to WORK them. God must work through somebody to win a war and deliver a nation.

I remember when Martin Luther King, Jr. led non-violent protests to draw attention to racial segregation that was law in the south. Many politicians told him it was not time … it would take a miracle. He kept working the miracle and had success because God was with him.

Whenever God is at work, His people are the miracle. Gideon successfully defeated the Midianites because he realized that he was the miracle. Remember that the next time you look in the mirror. Realize that you’re looking at a miracle.

Go work it.