Multitudes Followed Him and He Healed Them All


Multitudes Followed Him and He Healed Them All


Are you following the crowd or the cloud?

When Jesus preached, multitudes followed Him. He had unlimited reaching power. No PR department, media ministry, social media, advertising … but huge crowds followed Him.

Why? I’ve asked myself this question for many years.

What was it about Jesus that caused over 5,000 families to follow Him for 3 days without food. They didn’t care if they ate. They were hungry for RIGHTEOUSNESS! Jesus had taught that those who hungered and thirsted for righteousness would be filled, (Matthew 5). They followed Him for what He preached and demonstrated.

When you seek to see God’s word manifesthealing, deliverance, miracles … to see God prevail and the devil defeated before your eyes, then you’re on the right road. Don’t follow the merely popular … let your spiritual hunger lead you.

You will be fed the best that heaven has to offer.