The Greatest Commandment Must Be Obeyed


The Greatest Commandment Must Be Obeyed


When God connects us with a church fellowship it is to learn to obey Him. There really is only one commandment and it centers around love. Not others loving you, but you loving others. God evaluates all His children on their obedience to His greatest commandment. Loving God is loving everyone because God loves everyone … no exceptions.

As we learn His word we are expected to apply it without exception. So many are dropping out of church or have become sporadic in their attendance sighting one excuse or another.

Let me ask you, how’s your love walk?

Are you closer to The Master?

Are you serving your fellow man?

I know, you’re going to start going to church again, but when? Did you ever consider that this may be the greatest test of obedience you might have to endure.

Loving God requires sacrifice sometimes and may cause us to be in that minority that still believes God holds us accountable to obey Him in ALL THINGS.

Beloved, if you’re away, come back to the house of worship. Love Him with everything you’ve got. He’s worth it.