You Can Forget Your Past … God Will Make You


You Can Forget Your Past … God Will Make You


Joseph has been through it; ups and downs, palace, pit, palace. He was victimized, but somehow he’s not a victim. How’s that? God ordained that he not be a victim.

We’ve all had bad experiences. Unfair treatment. False accusation. False imprisonment. How we turn out depends on whether we will obey God and be determined to let God have His way.

As Joseph is released from prison and elevated to the second highest position in Egypt, God miraculously allows him to forget his labor and toil. His children are born and the memories begin to fade. What used to be a tormenting obsession is now a faint memory.

It is in going forward that we forget what is behind. We must abandon the past with its hurts and sorrows, and allow God to open the door to our bright future. Joseph had a destiny that could only be realized if he let God have it all. What God gave him in return more than made up for his past. You may not think so, but He can do the same for you.