Wisdom and Knowledge Must Be Pursued


Wisdom and Knowledge Must Be Pursued


God tells us how to obtain new knowledge, new answers, new plans and enlightenment. Call upon Him and He promises to answer and show us great and mighty things of which we have no idea. This is our answer for spiritual fatigue or boredom.

You ever feel stagnant, like a gerbil on a wheel? Ever wonder, “what’s next, God?” You might even fear that you are missing God. He says call on Him and He will mess your little head up.

He did that to Job. Right in the middle of Job’s sickness, God made him get up, get dressed and answer questions … yes God did that to a sick man. Of course Job couldn’t answer them because they were secrets of creation. It humbled Job to hear these things.

This interaction with the Almighty shook Job up so bad that he began to intercede for others and God healed and restored him. Call upon Him.

When God shows up in your situation, look out! He’s about to turn your situation around in a great and mighty way!