You Choose It. It Doesn’t Choose You


You Choose It. It Doesn’t Choose You


We have the power of choice. This truth is sometimes overlooked, but we do have the ability to choose what our life becomes. God tells us here to choose life so we and our offspring may live. Why is it then when symptoms arise or a diagnosis is given, we question why it is happening to us.

Stuff happens to victims. People of choice are never victims. No matter what attacks you, you still have a choice. You still choose health over sickness. If you are at death’s door you may still choose life. Now when you make a choice, stick with it and don’t waver.

It’s called faith.

Daily thank God for life, health wholeness. See yourself as God sees you … complete, pain free, strong. You don’t have to accept the bad report of your present condition. It is temporary. You can reverse it at any time.

It is a matter of choice.