Put Me in Remembrance


Put Me in Remembrance


You know, Covenant communication is very different from natural communication. In some ways, it is the opposite of natural communication. In covenant we speak God’s language … faith talk.

For instance, let the weak say I am strong.

We call those things which be not as though they are. In petitioning God, we are to remind Him that He promised us something we desire … he invites us to plead with Him. Seriously? In my house that was considered back talk and got you reprimanded or worse. If your parents promised you something that they didn’t do yet and you said, “you promised, where is it?” It was like, “girl, get outta my face, sassing me.” You didn’t do it again. But God actually invites us to remind Him what He says … to plead together with Him.

He’s thrilled when we say, “Father, you said in your word … and I’m expecting you to do as you promised.” Covenant talk is very powerful.

It gets our faith before His throne where He is obligated to hear and answer. He’s not offended by our language. It’s His good pleasure to hear and grant our requests. You didn’t sass God. You pleased Him.