Your Place of Meditation Is Your Place of Revelation


Your Place of Meditation Is Your Place of Revelation


Isaac went walking in a field to meditate. His mother, Sarah has recently passed away, and his servant is away searching for a wife for him. Many changes are occurring. He has decisions to make. It’s a perfect time to commune with God.

Spending time in the open field meditating is a peaceful exercise, but also a purposeful one.

God would later say through Joshua that we are successful if we meditate on His word day and night. What we meditate on we will do because it becomes real to us and causes us to commune with God and receive ideas, input and discovery. As Isaac meditated, he looked up and saw the answer to his prayer for a wife. His household servant brought his wife Rebekah to him, and she was the woman of his dreams. She was finally revealed to him.

God will do this for us as well. If we will spend time meditating with God in His word, He will reveal whatever we need to know. We will never lack anything if we take the time to meditate.