And You Thought Your Need Was a Surprise to God


And You Thought Your Need Was a Surprise to God


“Darling, I have laid up choice things for you… old and new.”

God has chosen the things we need… in advance. They are laid up for us waiting for us to receive them. Why struggle? Your need is no surprise to God. He is waiting for you to come alive to His love and receive all that he has stored up.

Just think, if you purchased beautiful clothing for your daughter to give her when she graduated from high school. If she’s unaware of your purchase she may question if she will look beautiful on her special day. Well, God has been waiting for us to receive His Kingdom so he can give us all the wonderful things He has already stored up for us because He loves us.

This blessing comes easily to us when we believe in His love. Not our prayers or our worship or our obedience, but His love. You are His beloved and He can’t wait to beautify your life.